I am a man of simple pleasures.  Books, tv, movies, guns, social contract theory, same as anyone.

I am a scientist in the field of politics, or so my degree tells me. But anyone who knows me (and especially my professors) knows that the science aspect can be somewhat fleeting with me.

I am, quite simply, a pundit, and this is my soap box.

Comments are welcome, and I will do my best not to edit/censor them no matter how much I disagree.  However, cursing and vulgarity may be edited.  Let’s be civil people!


2 Comments on “About”

  1. Nancy Rector Says:

    I don’t’ always agree with your posts but I do enjoy them as they are well written as a whole and use logic (The R rated movie rant aside :P) Brent LeSueur told me about your blog. I tend to want to make comments on the things I don’t agree with and I wish more readers would comment on your articles. (I dont’ like the only comment on some being my opposing view one.) I’ve posted your blog on my facebook a couple times. (I have a lot or “right side” friends on there.) I lean towards the “left” I guess though I hate the whole left and right thing. I am not affiliated with any party. I just try to go with truth and logic and the good of the whole. But I enjoy how someone with opposing views on the “right” can make educated comments. Don’t see that often.

    Much success!

  2. I’m glad you enjoy it, feel free to mock and ridicule my often less than thoroughly thought out quasi-conservative ranting as much as you like! 😉

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